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  1. Urban Dictionary: KOS
    Kos means female pussy in Persian/Farsi language. This word has extensive
    applications in variety of forms, similar to the word ...
  2. Urban Dictionary: koskesh
    It's persian (farsi) for Pimp but it has taken another tone in a common vocabulary.
    It can be used to replace fucker, asshole, buddy, ...
  3. What does koskesh in farsi mean - Answers.com
    What does Iran mean in Farsi language? In Persian language, the name Iran is a
    cognate of Aryan, and means Land of the Aryans. for more ...
  4. Aks seksi Download HD Irani kos August عکس دختر ایران
    Aks kos lokht Ironi, Persian model you love ژ. January 2, 2014. Categories:
    Iranian ... Who am I? Adalah; Download; English; ...
  5. Daily Kos: Farsi
    Comment Count 40 comments on Thu Jun 18, 2009 at 01:45 PM PDT with 48
    Recommends. Updated: Cont: Farsi Sources Latest News About Iran ...
  6. Gitar kos sher - YouTube
    Jan 6, 2009 ... Gitar kos sher. ... persian - Taraneye Kos 18+ by Iman Alamdar 83,628 views.
    Language: English; Country: ...
  7. Farsi Swear Words - YouSwear.com
    How to Swear in Farsi - Harum zadeh - Son of a Bitch, Asshole. ... Khar Kos seh,
    your sister is a whore, (68%) (32%). Kir tu ...
  8. Translation of kos to Farsi/Persian from English to Farsi Dictionary
    English: Kosher. Farsi: پاک‌، حلال‌، تهيه‌ شده‌ برطبق‌ شريعت‌ يهود. English: Leukosis.
    Farsi: (leukemia) زياد شدن‌ با ?تها‌ى‌ ...
  9. What does koskesh mean in Farsi? - Yahoo Answers
    asdfg ...
  10. IMAO: Say... What DOES "Kos" Mean In Farsi?
    Jun 11, 2006 ... If you choose to go there, just CTRL+F "kos", and you should be able to figure it
    out pretty quick.
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